1. Basic provisions

1.1. Super Way Mining is officially registered in London and operating under the laws of the United Kingdom. Interaction with the company assumes the financial investment, the result of which is a fixed hourly profit depending on the chosen investment plan.

1.2. Global View Fundr only operates online through this site: Global View Fundr.

1.3. Global View Fundr is not a public company and does not publish regular financial reports or statements.

1.4. Global View Fundr offers long-term investment service, which is of indefinite duration.

1.5. By registering on this website Client agrees that he has read these regulations and agrees to adhere to them in cooperation with Global View Fundr.

2. The rights and obligations of Global View Fundr

2.1. Forex Financial website has the maximum protection against any interference in its work to fraud or theft of personal information. Database and content management system (CMS) are on a dedicated server, resistant to hacking and DDoS attacks. All personal data of Client passes through an encrypted channel that is provided by 256-bit Extended Validation (EV) Comodo SSL certificate.

2.2. Global View Fundr has a policy of confidentiality of Client?s personal information. We never disclose information about your activities within this website (your personal and contact information, information about deposits and withdrawals) to third parties except exception cases.

2.3. Global View Fundr can provide user data to a third party in the following exception cases:

- If we receive the court's decision about granting the necessary information about our Client.

- In case of violation by Client of these rules or suspecting him in fraudulent activity on his part.

- In case of receipt of this requirement directly from Client.

2.4. Global View Fundr provides investment services only to persons who have read and agree with these rules and have an active account on the company website.

2.5. Global View Fundr accrues income only in accordance with the terms of the investment proposal. Global View Fundr reserves the right to accrue additional rewards at their discretion as a bonus once or on a regular basis.

2.6. Global View Fundr makes all payments instantly and in automatic mode. Any delays of payouts can be linked to maintenance work in Bitcoin network or on the company website. Global View Fundr notifies Clients about temporary absence of access in the ?News? section or by email.

2.7. In case Client made decision to stop cooperation, Global View Fundr makes a refund of initial deposit of Client regardless of the investment plan with no fee.

2.8. The company has the right to refuse cooperation without further explanation for this decision.

3. The rights and obligations of Clients

3.1. Citizen of any country that has reached the age of majority can be a Client of Global View Fundr, if it does not violate the existing law of the country where he is a resident.

3.2. Client should read and agree to these rules before the start of his cooperation with Global View Fundr.

3.3. Client can register and use only one account there he can act as an investor or attract funds to get additional earnings as referral commission.

3.4. Client has the right to receive income according to the chosen investment strategy and have few deposits at the same time.

3.5. Client has the right to participate in the affiliate program of Global View Fundr, attract new investors and obtain referral rewards. It is strictly prohibited to use referral link in mass emailing (spam). Violation of this rule can be a reason of blocking Client's account and his deposit without guarantees of return.

3.6. Client can become official representative of Global View Fundr in the country of residence and earn additional commission of 6% instead regular 3% reward.

3.7. New users are to pay a one time withdrawal processing fee calculated based on trading fees/ or conditions of the payment system used for withdrawal. Kindly note , the user cannot pay for this fee from the trading profits accumulated within the stipulated trading period.

4. Final provision

4.1. Taking the decision to cooperate with Global View Fundr and making a deposit, you agree that past financial results are not an absolute guarantee of future profits. Use the rules of proper investment in cooperation with Global View Fundr.